Enphase Solar

The Enphase Energy System is designed to bring solar energy, batteries, and software together in a single package.

  • Enphase delivers the ability to generate, save, and sell your own power, controlled and monitored through a smart mobile app.
  • Solar power is the ultimate tool in gaining resource independence and creating a greener world.
  • Enphase delivers relaible results for both residental and commercial solar installations.

With over 13 years in the solar industry, Green Solar Systems can help you achieve energy with the latest in solar power generation and smart controls.

We regularly recommend Enphase Solar's high-quality products Enphase is an innovative energy tech company with unique energy solutions.

The Value of Enphase

Solar energy is reliant on several factors that can impact a system’s design. Not only you’re your home or building’s design play a part, but exposure to excessive sunlight and rough weather or frequent power outages can impact a system’s efficiency.

We address these complications early on in the system design process. Depending on your individual energy needs and existing restrictions, we may recommend additional products and services to maximize your system’s energy output, like Enphase solar products.

Enphase Solar Systems and Backup Batteries

Similar to the way solar generators support systems in emergencies where access to solar power is limited, solar batteries are another key piece of equipment for a high-functioning solar system.

As it stands, two prominent types of solar batteries are shown to be the most beneficial in addition to quality solar systems.

  • Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries: High energy density and more beneficial for systems with high rates of solar exposure and anticipated energy output.
  • Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) batteries: Efficient operation capabilities to minimize malfunction risks and best utilized in addition to systems with lower anticipated energy output.

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