Commercial Solar

With utility rates rising every year, a solar power system for your business can stabilize power costs, minimize the carbon footprint of your company, and help give your brand a green reputation.

  • Business and Industrial Installations
  • Agricultural and Family Farm Installations
  • Non-Profit and Government Agency Installations
  • Boroughs, Townships, and Municipalities

Projects greater than 50kW require a utility grid study.

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Solar for Business

All our customers have unique properties and needs, which means we provide unique solutions for every customer.

Our services are all-inclusive and include permitting and utility interconnection, and inspections. We’ll inspect your commercial property to create a customized solution, show you how to get federal and state tax credits, and show you how to apply for state-funded grants and loans (if applicable).

The Federal Investment Tax Credit will provide a:

  • 26% tax credit for solar systems where construction began before December 31st, 2022
  • 22% tax credit for systems where construction began in 2023
  • 10% tax credit for systems where construction began after 2023

Our trained solar system installers will then install the system on your property. After installation, you can sign up for our ongoing maintenance plan. We’ll also help you understand how to sell your Solar Renewable Energy Credits.

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