1How do solar panels work?
Solar panels are built of cells made of silicon mixed with a range of different substances to create what is called a photovoltaic cell. These PV cells turn sunlight into electricity. Your solar panel array is linked to your existing electrical system, giving you a measure of energy independence, cost savings, and even the ability to sell power back to the grid.
2What is your process like?
1. We start with a phone consultation: Discussing your needs/wants, and evaluating the residence via Google earth. We determine size and availability, as well as analyze your electric bill.

2. On-Site Evaluation - Evaluate roof/structure, take measurements, discuss design.

3. Design - Customer Approval.

4. Permitting and Interconnection - Handle all permitting with municipality & utility interconnection.

5. Installation.

6. Inspection.

7. Permission to Operate (PTO).

8. Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC) management.

Projects greater than 50kW require a utility grid study.
3How much maintenance do solar panels require?
Solar panels require little maintenance; however, we do recommend an annual checkup. Checkups help maintain your warranty and our workmanship guarantees too.
4Do solar panels work well in PA?
Yes, Pennsylvania has more sunshine than Germany, the world leader in solar power.
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5How much of a reduction in my power bill can I expect?
There is no easy answer to this question. It really depends on how much energy you use, what kind of array you install, and where you live. It depends on questions such as: “How do you heat your home or business?” “How do you heat your water?” “Is your home all electric, or do you have other utilities such as gas that supplement your electric bill?” As a professional solar installer, Green Solar Systems can take the answers to these questions into account and advise you as to the possible savings available for you.
6How much does a solar installation cost?
The cost of a solar installation is dependent on many factors, including electricity usage, the space available for the installation, and the condition of your roof. A site evaluation provides us with the additional info needed to provide the best quote for you.
7Should I find a solar professional to install my panels?
Though some choose to undertake a solar panel installation on their own, we don’t recommend it. You should always at least consult with a professional first. The solar energy experts at Green Solar Systems can help you plan, build, and maintain your solar energy project.
8What happens if I sell my home?
Either you leave the system and SREC ownership gets transferred to the new homeowner, or you remove the system and take it with you (fees associated). The situation can be complicated if you have current financing with the system.