Residential Solar

With 13+ years of experience in the solar industry, our team has what it takes to save you money by helping you reduce or eliminate electricity expenses through the use of high-quality solar systems. These systems will also reduce your carbon footprint and emissions.

From EV charging stations to generators and more, we will recommend the right products for your specific needs to augment your solar system and make sure you get the most out of your investment.

Installing solar systems at residential properties offers a range of financial benefits including increased Property Value. Pennsylvania homeowners that installed residential solar systems increased their property value by an average of 4.9% in 2019.

Solar Powered Homes

There are a number of factors that can impact a solar system’s savings rates and efficiency. Access to direct sunlight, the angle of the roof, and more can play a major role in the power a solar system is able to produce.

Our team can not only help you understand the incentives, rebates, credits, and the process of selling SRECs, but we can also assess your needs on an individual basis to create an installation plan that optimizes your solar system’s benefits.

Residential Solar System Installation

With over 13 years of experience, our NABCEP Certified installation team is prepared to install high-quality solar systems designed to meet your unique energy needs. Our installation process is simple and flexible.

Here is what solar system installation process for residential properties with Green Solar Systems looks like:


Sales Inquiry

Evaluate utility bill and discuss needs and budget. Rough design prepared utilizing satellite images for in person site evaluation.

Site Evaluation

Onsite visit to assess your structure, electrical service and property. Rough design, concept and estimate given.


Design is finalized with options to fit your needs and budget.

Permit & Interconnection

Permitting is required by most municipalities. Each municipality has its own permitting requirements and process. Utility interconnection is submitted.



Our experienced installation team is onsite. Proper installation is key to the system's performance and longevity.


PV Solar Array is inspected by the required Electrical Inspector based on the permitting agency.


Utility company issues Permission to Operate (PTO). This process can take 4-6 weeks after inspection, depending on utility company.

Energy Production

Once PTO is issued, your PV system can be turned on and you can start generating energy. The system will be registered for the PA SREC program.

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